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Happy Enough

Just like a broken record here I go again
Can't stop these feelings I'm in it for sin
I have my good days but mostly they're bad
My natural inclination sad
I think I've found balance after all these years
Ignore the advice of friends and peers
For those who don't struggle with this horrific curse
Impossible to explain the need for a nurse

Ignore the voices in your head for a start
Listen to people who fix broken hearts
Don't be so eager to paint in black and white
Hope needs fuel and effort of this you can't lose sight
This might be all there is so make the best you can
Stronger men have fallen but they picked it up and ran
Things won't get better so make yourself of stronger stuff
The future is a scary place so be happy enough

When does a person stop lying to themself
And put their future fiction up upon the shelf
Is it wrong to throw your hands up and say hey
That's just the way it is forever it stays

These things around me used to help me forget
Now they make me angry need to better implement
Help me choose a method that will aid this heavy load
Need some better coping skills for this long winding road

Why can't I just be happy
You can
Why can't I just be happy
You can
Why can't I just be happy

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