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Futile Gestures

Time is up
You have to come with us now
We know you want more time but this we can't allow
No more friends and family
No more life and love
No more chance to make amends for all of the above
Don't live in denial
Don't try and resist
You can't change your time no matter how hard you persist
Try and make it easy
Let go this mortal coil
You've always known how this goes you end up in the soil

These futile gestures in which I partook
I thought they would buy me more time
But everything they took
Time is the fire in which our life burns down
The flame it grows weaker as we go round and round

One last things to tell you before we close the door
None of this was easy
If we could we would give you more
All that matters now is the impact you left behind
Songs of pain and misery hardly seem so kind

The carnival of madness has taken my soul
No more pain and suffering oh thank God here we go
One more body in the ground and no one will care
Except the selfish fuckers who put me there

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