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Nothing Special

Fading away and now the secret is gone
Not quite sure why it left but it makes me feel wrong
The battles on the inside well they tear me apart
Won't let me be happy and they're breaking my heart
Feel as if the whole world is aligned against me
Falling on deaf ears they will not listen to my plea
So one day I will show them yes I hope to win this fight
In the end I need to know that what I thought was right

I know I'm nothing special and these feelings aren't unique
But here I need some help so won't you please let me be free
I know I'm nothing special and I have no right to ask
But please I need some help I can not maintain this fake mask

Throwing it away yes I will discard after use
Only so much of this can I take from your abuse
They shove my face into the ground for not being the best
But soon my time will come and I will be able to rest

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